For a truly luxurious night’s sleep, the Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Mattress offers firm support, yet with a plush surface feel with its attached pillowtop pads.

When comparing firmness of our two pillowtop mattress models, the Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Mattress is our firmer pillowtop version, and our Royal Cloud Pillowtop Mattress is our plusher, more “cloud-like” version.

  • The Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Mattress features our double heat tempered, Royal-Flex® 704i Innerspring System designed in Switzerland. The innerspring unit contains 85% more coils than is standard. The coils in the mattress are open ended, unknotted, six turn coils providing more flexibility, which means greater sensitivity to body contours, overall body support and relaxation.
  • Our skilled craftsmen hand layer the staple cotton padding on each side of the innerspring unit to ensure a consistent, supportive sleeping surface. Over 50 pounds of pre-compressed staple cotton go into making a king size Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Mattress! No polyurethane foam padding layers are in the mattress so you have lasting support for your body and a healthier sleeping environment.
  • The inner cotton padding is encased in 100% cotton fabric, and inner tufted by hand with European tufting straps to further pre-compress the cotton padding for orthopedic back support. * The pillowtop portions are sewn into each side of the mattress. The Belgian 100% cotton covering is quilted with layers our chemical free, French wool followed by hypo-allergenic comfort fill for an added plush feel, and supported by a layer of top quality natural latex for added cushioning and pressure point relief.
  • T-Spring Side Supports are installed around the perimeter of the spring system to provide edge firmness and support.
  • Royal-Pedic Double Diamond Box Spring construction is the finest available. We provide 22% more coils than is standard for extra support and durability, and have 50% more coils located in the center-third of the box spring to support the body better (over 60% of our body weight is located in our torso area). The thickness of our coil wire is an extra heavy duty 8 3/4 gauge compared to the standard 9 ½ - 10 gauge wire. Even our box spring contains a layer of staple cotton padding for added support for the underside of the mattress. Brass corner guards are installed on all corners, rather than the plastic ones that break off easily, and heavy duty cotton fabric is used on the underside of the box spring, instead of the thin synthetic sheeting that commonly droops and frays easily. You will only get the best with Royal-Pedic!

Heights: The mattress is approximately 13 1/2" - 14" thick, and overall mattress height to the floor on our 8" thick box spring and a 7" metal frame is about 28 1/2" - 29" (optional custom 6” box spring(s), or 3” to 5” thick foundations are available upon request if a lower height is desired).