Our Royal-Pedic Deluxe Adjustable Beds offer smooth, quite operation utilizing the finest German motor technology. You can adjust the contour of the mattress to many positions for comfort and enjoyment, or for medical needs.

This is not a hospital bed. Rather, imagine the exquisite comfort of our Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress on a base that you can adjust to any position you desire. Read, watch TV, eat, or finish some work on the lap top at the end of the day. Just think, you won't have to prop up a bunch of pillows – your favorite position is at the touch of a button. 

Optional Upgrade Features Include:

  • Level One Upgrade: Dual Massage The optional massage feature helps you relax and alleviate stress. Timer will shut off automatically after 30 minutes so you won't vibrate all night long if you fall asleep with the massage on. You have three levels of massage vibration intensity to choose from - low, medium, or high.
  • Level Two Upgrade: Cordless Remote Control with Dual Massage
    The cordless remote controller is like a TV turner in size and does not have the "telephone like" looking cord attached to the hand controller. Every now and then, the 9v battery may need to be changed depending on usage. Cordless remote is only available with the massage feature.
  • Level Three Upgrade: Headboard Hugger® Mechanism, Cordless Remote Control with Dual Massage
    This is by far our most popular model. The Headboard Hugger option keeps the bed more next to the nightstand when the head section is elevated, which makes it easier to reach for items on your bedside night-stand. Headboard Hugger® option is only available with cordless remote control and dual massage options. The adjustable bed base with the Level 3 Upgrade will have a thicker box spring appearance, which gives it more the look of a standard mattress and box spring, rather than the wood veneer base box trim as shown in the above picture.  

Size Options:
Twin XL (38"w x 80"L)
*It is common for customers to order two, Twin XL's side by side to make up a "dual king", or in other words, the overall size of an Eastern King. This way each person can adjust their side to their individual preference.

Full XL (53"w x 80"L)
Queen (60"w x 80"L)
Eastern King (76"w x 80"L) **
California King (72"w x 84"L) **

** When ordering a one piece Eastern or California King, the mattress is one big mattress in its respective king size. The base portion is also one piece when ordering without any upgrades, or when ordering with Level 1, or Level 2 upgrades. However, when ordering with Level 3 Upgrade in either king size, the base portion is two separate bases that are programmed to operate as one on the same frequency, so they will go up and down together.

The mattress is approximately 9"-9.5" thick, and the adjustable bed base is approximately 16" for an overall mattress height to the floor of about 25".

On the Level 3 Upgrade model, longer leg extensions can be ordered to raise the height of the adjustable bed base by 1" or 3" more.

The adjustable bed base has its own locking casters (wheels), so it rests directly on the floor. There is no need for a frame.