The Finest Long Staple Cotton Grown in California and Texas

The cotton padding we use is of the highest grade, normally only used in custom made, high-end upholstered furniture. Using the longer cotton fibers blended together to make layers for the mattresses insures there will be a consistent, supportive sleeping surface so you won't get lumps.

Natural Latex from Sustainable Rubber Tree Plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia

Our latex is harvested by tapping into the rubber tree in much the same way as maple syrup from a maple tree. All natural latex liquid is harvested and undergoes four rinsing processes to eliminate rubber odors. The all-natural latex cores are produced in accordance with the strict Oeko-Tek European environmental standards. Latex is dust-mite repellent, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial.

Untreated Lamb’s Wool from France

The lamb's wool provides a comforting natural fiber layer quilted underneath the cotton mattress covering. The lamb's wool contains lanolin -- a natural dust-mite repellent. The sheep live in wide open spaces, rather than being cooped up in a small space. The wool is cleaned in baking soda and water.

Royal-Flex® Innerspring System

Engineered in Switzerland, the Royal-Flex innerspring unit is the finest offset coil spring system available, with 85% more coils than is standard. These open ended, unknotted six turn coils are more flexible, which means greater sensitivity to body contours, overall body support and minimum friction. The innerspring unit is double heat tempered, a process where the coils are baked in an oven, cooled, then baked again. The heat tempering process provides greater durability and resistance to sag.