Sleepland Latex Pillow

Our Sleepland Latex Pillow is the most comfortable cervical pillow ever developed from Europe. This revolutionary pillow is made from our exclusive natural, hypoallergenic Pressure Relaxation Latex Foam offering correct orthopedic support and alignment of your neck, shoulders and spine. Our pillow's unique multiple density zone design offers two pillow height options to contour under your neck to allow each individual to enjoy a deep, satisfying sleep.  Unlike temperature sensitive foam support pillows, the Sleepland Latex Pillow has no unpleasant odor, and will not harden in cool bedroom temperatures.  And for easy of cleaning, the pillow comes installed with a removable contour pillow case that can be washed. No pillow today can match the healthful support benefits, comfort and quality of the Sleepland Latex Pillow.