Custom Sizes

Giant Size Mattresses

Great for extra large bedrooms, and the desire for spacious comfort. This is a picture of the (84” x 84”) Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress we manufactured for Ronald Reagan, President of the United States during his tenure as Governor of the state of California.

Round Mattresses

Here is a picture of of the 96"D Round Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Mattress manufactured for Marcia Mix Interiors. Her client lived in a New York hi-rise apartment on the 41st Floor. Amazingly, to get this mattress into the apartment, the outer window had to be removed and the mattress was hoised with a crane. The hoisting fee was $16,000!

Yacht Mattresses

Yachts certainly provide oppurtunity to make the strangest shaped mattresses. We make the mattress based upon a cardboard cut out of the sleeping area where the mattress woud go. Our Royal Latex and Royal Latex Quilt-Top matresses are the matresses of choice on yachts because they offer the most comfort on a hard surface where no box spring is used.